I’m a Visual Communication Designer from Auckland, New Zealand, currently open and looking for creative design opportunities.

I have an unparalleled passion for design, and with experience working for clients from various industries – this has enabled me to develop a range of skills and technical expertise in the creative field. When I’m not in my studio, my sense of wanderlust draws me to discover new places and experience new things, where I'm slowly (but surely) ticking off these on my must-see list.

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Highly proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite, including all Design, Video and Media programs. Also experienced with 3D modelling software including SketchUp and Blender.

Developing knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript. Experience with design for e-newsletters, and highly skilled in the design of effective on-screen presentation slides and icons.

Skilled with DSLR photographic processes, as well as SLR and darkroom experience. Developing skills in Video Filming, with extensive knowledge in editing.

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